Embark on an Incredible Journey: The Lares Trek to Machu Picchu.

Why Trekking Lares with SPT?

With the availability of hundreds of travel companies in the industry these days, this question from your side is obvious. As we strongly want our customers to keep their options open and get informed before making any major investment we, appreciate you bringing up this question. Here goes the answer to your question.
Located in the historical city of Cusco – Peru; SUNRISE PERU TREK, is one of the leading local trekking agencies in Peru. Dedicated to perfection, the company offers nearly two decades of experience in service, hospitality and trekking trades. Moreover, we are not just trek operators, but we also specialize in cultural holidays, expeditions and other adventure trips like rafting, hiking and jungle trips.
Registered under the government of Peru, and associated with tourism related bodies, SUNRISE PERU TREK is an authorized and certified company that holds full authority provided by the government of Peru to operate trekking, tour, expedition and other adventurous activities in the Cusco and through Peru; thus guaranteeing 100% financial security to our customers.

Sunrise Peru Trek’s team

The crew of SUNRISE PERU TREK is highly experienced, trained and local on-site staff (guides, porters) and highly qualified off-site staff (managerial staff), dedicated to provide top-notch professional service. Our English speaking guides, leaders and other on-site staff are also trained in terms of the hygienic preparation of great varieties of meals. Nevertheless, our trekking guides are also First Aid and CPR certified and can take quick action during emergencies. Guides of SUNRISE PERU TREK are experienced and particularly specialized in activities within the Himalayan region of Nepal.

Knowledge regarding the area

SUNRISE PERU TREK, meticulously hand-pick native people as our guides who are well acquainted with local unexplored attractions and culture, and those with deep knowledge regarding their areas, in order to provide extra information related to local culture, history, religion, architecture and much more while you are on the trip.

Our trips and costs

SUNRISE PERU TREK offers various standard packages to trekkers planning their next vacation to Machu Picchu in Peru. However, all our trips can be customized to your specification by understanding the varying interest of people based on physical capability, financial plan and age. Cost usually is a deciding factor for many trips; therefore, to ensure the best value for money and the highest quality service, we offer these customized packages at the most competitive prices. We also provide Pre-trek information and assistance to plan your next trip.

Lares Trek Machu Picchu

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