Embark on an Incredible Journey: The Lares Trek to Machu Picchu.

Our Mission

For Sunrise Peru trek is very important to provide excellent service to our customers helping them to interact with local people and introducing them both: the cultural and natural beauties of Peru while having a fun and unforgettable trip.


  • We are proud to offer quality outstanding personalized service and tours, outdoor camp trips especially to Lares trek at affordable rates.
  • To be leader Tour Agency and lares Trek operator which contributes greatly to the development of the Tourism Sector.
  • We are very focused in increasing the quality of your experience and your expectation.
  • To continue offering a service of quality, that it does not have to be necessarily expensive, with a great human trained group and using high standard and comfortable camping equipment to our customers.
  • To create in our visitors and in ourselves respect and admiration towards the legacy of the Inca Culture their Philosophy, their respect and love to nature and reciprocity motivating the interest to learn more about the Andean and Pre Inca cultures and this would help and repel in their lives.