Embark on an Incredible Journey: The Lares Trek to Machu Picchu.

Sunrise Peru Trek

Sunrise Peru trek
Sunrise Peru trek a peruvian tour operator company

Sunrise Peru trek is well established quality Tour Operator with great experience and knowledge in the tourism industry, organizing a huge variety of Tours in Cusco and Peru like: Lares Trek To Machu Picchu 4 days, Lares Trek Machupicchu 5 days, Lares Trek & Sacred Valley 7 Days, Lares Trekking & Amazon trip 9 days, Lares Trek & Lake Titicaca 10 days, Lares Mountain Bike 1 Day – All Included,  2 day Inca Trail Tour,  Inca Trail Trek 4 Days, and more. We are a Peruvian tour operator founded in 1999 compromise with the Eco-Adventure Tourism; we are situated in the historical city of Cusco – Peru.

Sunrise Peru trek has been one of the leading tour operators in Peru to apply sustainable and ecological policies in our activities. We were the first agency to sign an agreement with local communities to secure good wages for the porters and insure community development. We strongly support that the teenagers of these native communities finish their education so that they can upgrade socially.

Let us be part of your adventure in Peru especially if you are thinking to hike lares trek to Machupicchu we have a good quality of camping equipment and constantly we updated. We know that many things add up to a perfect trek or expedition; weather and route conditions, logistics, equipment, porters and food, but none more important than your Guide. Our Guides are chosen for their rich experience and skills, their dedication to safety, and their commitment to environmental and cultural protection.

Sunrise Peru trek supports the community with our Community Projects by donating the 5% of our profits. We mainly support rural communities from where our porters and cooks, horseman and other employees come from. We also support small communities along the Lares routes. We organize these projects in association with non-profit organizations. In the past we have received help from tourists who have donated second hand clothes, shoes, school equipment to the community of Patacancha and willoc.

Sunrise Peru Trek is a Sustainable Tour Operators.

We have designed tours in the region of Cusco and entire which minimize the impact of humans on the places where we visit; we protect both; cultural heritage and environment; we provide long-term, socially just economic opportunities for local residents. Sustainable tourism should not be confused with ecotourism, which is low-impact travel to fragile rural or wilderness areas. While sustainable tourism and ecotourism share several components, you don’t have to go to a pristine natural destination to become involved in sustainable travel.

Sunrise Peru trek  Responsabilities.

  • For every tour we count with a clean-up policy which must be respected by all our employees. “‘Take out what you take in”.
  • For our tours we use clean burning fuel to cook the meals.
  • During our tour and the Campsites, we guarantee local water is kept clean by avoiding using pollutants in streams or springs
  • During our tours we limited deforestation; we do not make open fires.
  • We also avoid activities which threaten wildlife or which may be potentially damaging to our natural environment.
  • For the treks we employ local staff and pay them fair, legal wages
  • We are committed to use locally-owned transportation and accommodation
  • We are committed to respect the local traditions and holy places

Responsible Tourism

«Operating responsibly, commitment to social welfare and respect for the environment»
SUNRISE PERU TREK recognizes that we have to operate our treks in a responsible routine, being sensitive not to cause damage to the beautiful environment that we pass through as well as minimizing the impact on local communities and the amazing cultural heritage that Peru has to offer visitors. Responsible tourism is not just about packing out rubbish at the campsites but about treating local people with the respect that they deserves and helping to give a little something back to the communities. This is very important when it comes to employing people, particularly porters, cooks or horseman (arrieros), from mountain villages.

  • We recognize that responsible Tourism is tourism creates better places for people to live in, and better places to visit.
  • During our tours we minimize negative economic, environmental and social impacts.
  • SUNRISE PERU TREK generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of host communities
  • SUNRISE PERU TREK improves working conditions and access to the tourism industry
  • SUNRISE PERU TREK involves local people in decisions that affect their lives and life chances