Embark on an Incredible Journey: The Lares Trek to Machu Picchu.

Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel is an approach to the management of tourism, aimed at maximizing economic, social and environmental benefits and minimizing costs to destinations. A responsible tourism approach aims to achieve the triple-bottom line outcomes of sustainable development, economic growth, environmental integrity and social justice.

Sunrise Peru is official Lares trek tour Operator and recognizes that the travel and tourism industry is essentially the renting out for short-term lets, of other people’s environments, whether that is a coastline, a city, a mountain range or a rainforest. We believe fair trade in tourism could be the way forward, and that fair trade will help define a new way of managing tourism which shares its benefits more equitably between travellers, the tourism industry, governments of the countries we visit, and above all, the people among whose homes we take our holidays.

Sunrise PeruTrek policy regarding porters: Appropriate clothing to season and altitude we will be provided to porters for protection from cold, rain and snow. This means: windproof jacket and trousers, fleece jacket, long johns, suitable footwear (leather boots in snow), socks, hat, gloves and sunglasses. The porters will have a dedicated shelter, either a room in a lodge or a tent, a sleeping pad and a blanket (or sleeping bag). They should be provided with food and warm drinks, or cooking equipment and fuel. The Porters will be provided with standard medical care. There is not porter that will be asked to carry a load that is too heavy for their physical abilities. Weight limits may need to be adjusted for altitude, trail and weather conditions.


Responsible Travel

Operating responsibly, commitment to social welfare and respect for the environment
SUNRISE PERU TREK recognizes that we have to operate our treks in a responsible routine, being sensitive not to cause damage to the beautiful environment that we pass through as well as minimizing the impact on local communities and the amazing cultural heritage that Peru has to offer visitors. Responsible tourism is not just about packing out rubbish at the campsites but about treating local people with the respect that they deserves and helping to give a little something back to the communities. This is very important when it comes to employing people, particularly porters, cooks or horseman (arrieros), from mountain villages.

  • We recognize that responsible Tourism is tourism creates better places for people to live in, and better places to visit.
  • During our tours we minimize negative economic, environmental and social impacts.
  • SUNRISE PERU TREK generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of host communities
  • SUNRISE PERU TREK improves working conditions and access to the tourism industry
  • SUNRISE PERU TREK involves local people in decisions that affect their lives and life chances